To Conquer a Bride

RELEASE DATE: October 24, 2023

My brother stole everything from me.

My family. My name. My future.

For five years I’ve planned, waited. Now it’s my turn to take from him.

Starting with his bride.

Niall Hudson is the key to a treasure I’ve spent half a decade hunting down. Yeah, she’s a little upset to find herself a “guest” on my pirate ship. But the mouthy, curvy and beautiful shipping heiress is going to give me what I need…one way or another. This treasure will not only bring me and my crew riches beyond our wildest dreams, but it will restore all that has been stolen from me.

But Niall isn’t submitting so easily. Even though my brother is hot on my trail, she’s playing games, issuing terms of her own. And she isn’t above turning the tables on me to get what she wants.

Game on, little girl.

Because I’ve decided I’m not satisfied with just her help. I want her. All of her.

And I’m going to enjoy every second of conquering my brother’s woman.

So will she.

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